Proper Golf Attire for Women

This is a guide of golf attire for women golfers or female golfer enthusiasts. It outlines various options and outfits to try out while playing golf.

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If you’re playing at a local course, wearing any type of comfy attire is acceptable. However, if you’re at an expensive club or resort golf course, only wearing appropriate golf attire will be permitted.

At some courses, golfers are required to wear a specific type of clothing called proper golf attire. Dress codes may vary based on the course or its rules but most require formal shoes and garments made of cotton material.

What is proper golf attire for ladies

Refer to this guide in order to be aware of the clothing requirements as per the dress code for golfing and also choices that not only follow these standards, but are comfortable, chic and fit best.


Here is our list of golf attire for women: tops are first. All the course available require women to wear blouses which have sleeves and if not this then a sleeveless blouse with a collar. Female golfers prefer wearing polo-style shirts because they are comfortable and look nice.

There are different kinds of tops which come in various colors and designs like the zip-top, v-neck, long sleeve, short sleeve. These tops are not just available in plain colors, but also contain stripes, floral patterns and other different styles.

Another option for upper-wear is the turtleneck, which not only looks formal but also keeps you warm if it’s breezy. Golfers wear shirts that are tucked in to their pants, not tops such as the halter-tops, t-shirts and tank tops.

Jackets & Sweaters:

golf outfits

In golf, putting on several layers of clothing to keep warm is the norm. On a cool, airy day, golfers prefer wearing a sweater or vest with either an athletic polo shirt or a turtleneck. This combination is not only stylish but also very comfortable.

For additional warmth, light enough layers like a wind shirt or button-down are a good idea. Sweaters, denim jackets, and sweatshirts are considered inappropriate.


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Most women golfers prefer to wear slacks in the early spring or fall season. For warmer days, short-style pants like shorts or caprices are an excellent choice.

Some popular clothing options to consider when coordinating your golf ensemble are dresses, skirts, and short pants (of knee-length or longer). In order to comply with golf etiquette, formal clothes are required. 

Head Cover:

golf attire for women

As golf courses are open, your skin is exposed to the sun for hours. This can cause extreme tanning and even sunburns.In order to protect your face from sunburn and heat exhaustion, a cap or visor is necessary.

There are various options for golf hats, varying in color, fabric, and style. You can choose from crocheted caps, straw hats, designer caps with glitter or any that you like best.

Shoes and Socks:

womens golf attire

A good pair of golf shoes is necessary for success on the course. On many golf courses, it’s a requirement to have shoes with rubber spikes.

Along with good shoes, you also need to have a good pair of socks. For the same you can go with skirts, low socks, shorter pants or golf dresses. When putting on long pants, try wearing a colored crew sock that matches with your pant.

Other Accessories

In addition to basic clothing and shoes, you can also wear other accessories if you choose.You can wear polarized sunglasses on sunny days to protect your eyes from the sun, as well as keep cool.

When dressing for a job interview, you should wear clothes that match in color or style. You also want to wear modest accessories like earrings and necklaces. Avoid wearing necklaces or earrings that are too long as they can get tangled and cause trouble while playing.

Wear a glove when you golf to avoid blisters or calluses with your hand. If you want to wear a watch while playing on the course, you should get one that is both waterproof and sweatproof.

Hats are an important part of fitting in with the locals. Before you go abroad be sure you have these five essential hats on hand:


Apparel for golfing can often be perplexing, but let the variety of dress code and pattern options make it easy for you.

We carry the latest styles and designs to make it easy for you to find your perfect outfit. The golfing scene has evolved with so many designers and companies dedicated to making clothes for golfers, but women have numerous options when it comes to picking out a fit.