Portable Golf Chipping Hitting Trainer practice Net

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Outdoor Or Indoor Practice Golf Use

You can use this golf training net to practice your swing and hit the target in your backyard.

You can also practice golf outdoor. This practice net is fully equipped with golf nets, targets, return nets, lawns. It can be folded and installed and stored, as well as a storage bag for easy carrying.

6 reviews for Portable Golf Chipping Hitting Trainer practice Net

  1. Thinker

    Nice toy that may also help your game

    This is a nice toy — and it’s exactly as it appears. I can’t say it’s shaved any strokes off my son’s game yet, but I suppose that’s on him. It’s pretty easy to assemble (It took my son 20 minutes). The instructions are clear enough and easy to follow. It comes with 6 foam golf balls which are what you want to use for indoor play. The net is narrow, so it fits in my son’s office nicely. The one downside is the practice mat. He likes that it comes with 3 different types of turf to mimic a course — but the pieces aren’t particularly big and he’s noticed some shedding. The tees that come with it fit into the artificial grass. And my son has chipped real balls into the net with no problem at all. He’s not sure if the net’s sturdy enough to drive the ball into it — but that’s not what it’s for and he’s reluctant to take such big cuts indoors anyway. The whole device Iis small enough to pick up and carry outside.

  2. Megan Silk


    Gave this as a gift to my dad who is an avid golfer. He loves it as it provides a challenge while improving his golf game. You need a little bit of patience to assemble, I had to help him with some of it, but overall not too hard to put together. Lots of fun!

  3. Javan Wivagg

    It occupies a small area and plays a large role.

    I don’t usually comment, but I think I need to comment on this product. Because my girlfriend is a beginner, easy to practice, in the backyard and office can be, but also can move at will, easy to fold up and put in, a family can practice together.It also gave us practice balls. The sellers thought very carefully. They gave us indoor practice balls and outdoor practice balls. Thank

  4. julie

    Impressive golf aid

    First, this was not the easiest thing to assemble. The directions could have been better. We finally used the picture on the box to figure it out. Now that it’s assembled, we are very happy with it. It comes with some practice turf and tees. Once it is set up properly, there is a ball return feature that works well. I use it with the enclosed practice balls inside and have found it really does help train for pitches. Glad to have it now that golf season is finished here.

  5. Deal Pat

    All golf accessories included

    I’m using this indoors to practice mainly short game chipping and pitching. The 3-part green included has different types of turf so you can practice from flat and rough lies as well as teeing up a ball. It was easy to put together, catches the balls hit in netting, and returns the balls that miss the net. It doesn’t take up much space so I leave it assembled but it can be folded up easily once you remove the ball ramp. It came with foam practice balls and tees too. When I use it outside for tee shots it withstands the impact pretty good and no ripping.

  6. Lauren

    Great quality, easy to use. Best indoor chipping practice net I have used.

    I have purchased several golf nets over the past year to practice chipping and short shots. Most are very compact and work ok, but my biggest complaint about their usefulness is having to track down the balls, then start again. My back starts to ache after a while of practicing short game, so I had been looking for something that returns balls or that I can work on contact with less need to chase balls down.

    This practice net was exactly what I was looking for. I like that it has two options: 1 has little nets at varying heights to practice different loft of shots. Another option has a little target that you can just hit into and it returns the ball. This is great for more of a rapid fire type practice where you hit many shots in succession without having to stop and gather balls.

    Overall, the quality for all elements appears to be very solid. I’ve been using this net for about 3 weeks now and have had no issues. I don’t put the entire net back into the bag, I usually just fold up the little “ramp” up into the net and put it in a corner behind the door to my office area. It does not take up very much space, maybe a 1ft x 1ft area.

    The grass mat that it comes with is really what blew me away. I’ve purchased 2 chipping nets that came with mats, as well as another stand-alone mat and all have been pretty poor quality thus far. This 3-tiered grass mat was the best I have used to-date. It is best to not keep it folded, though. Folding it up causes it to form ridges, which makes the hitting surface uneven.

    All in all, I am very happy with this chipping net. It has become my “work break” activity to get me out of my desk chair and stretching more often during the work day.

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