Golf Swing Trainer Aid and Correction for Strength Grip Tempo & Flexibility

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16 reviews for Golf Swing Trainer Aid and Correction for Strength Grip Tempo & Flexibility

  1. Bettye Davis

    Best golf training aid ever invented. From a scratch golfer.

    I’m a scratch golfer. In the last 6 months I had lost 20-30 yards in my driver and at least one club shorter on the irons. A professional golfer recommended this and swore by it. Within 2 weeks I have gotten my yardage back, along with 10 times the flexibility I had prior. I’ve used 100s of training aids over the years. This product is by far the best ever invented for increased length, flexibility and getting your weight shift and golf club on plane in the shortest time possible. I’ve gotten 3 other people to order this and all 3 are just totally amazed at their improvements in no time at all.

  2. Colleen Schneider

    This Thing WORKS!

    If you are satisfied with only hitting a couple hundred off the tee, this isn’t for you. Using this to keep loose on the golf course is a major blessing. Easy to use, too. All you have to do is swing it. My tempo has improved, I’m more consistent and more accurate on my shots, and my drives are CRAZY. I’ve added 40-50 yards to my tee shot, going from around 210-220 at the beginning of the season to 250+ almost every time, reaching out to 275. Plus it’s totally legal to keep in your bag during your round, since it’s not a club. If you get this, you will see immediate and lasting improvement in not only your distance and accuracy but how you feel during your game. A++ product.

  3. Big Spin

    Best tool in my bag!

    I’m 67 and have been golfing for over 45 yrs. I have put on a few pounds during that time, causing me to lose some of my swing. I carry a 14 hcp. and my average drive is 200-220 yds. Since using the Gold Flex, I’ve added about 10-20 more yds. to my drives but, the amazing thing is the distance of my irons. I’m back to hitting my 7 iron 150 yds. plus. I’ve since had to adjust back to my old style of golf because I can now get the full turn and swing that I had before the weight gain. I just swing it loosely, for tempo, about 15 -20 times before playing. The lag it provides is perfect for slowing down my swing. The clubs actually feel lighter after warming up, helping me to feel the weight of the club head. I may need to re-grip it though, as I have mid-size grips and this comes with a standard grip. Beyond that, it’s a great tool that I can carry in my bag.

  4. M. Blankenship

    Great training aid.

    I am 62 years old and play golf 3 times per week. I’ve used the swing tool for a couple of days before I headed to the course. I used it to warm up and my playing partner wanted to try it. I am a 1 handicap and i could tell a big difference after a couple of days. 1 club longer with irons. I hit my longest drive on the 4th hole, 30 yards past my norm. Excited about the progress in such a short time. Also, my playing partner ordered one for himself.

  5. Craig Matteson

    A good training and strengthening device for speed, balance, and swinging on plane with good rhythm and timing. Worth the money

    This is not a complicated device. Like most amateur golfers who don’t practice enough, I tend to go over the top and bleed off the speed before I contact the ball. At least I do this too often. When I do hit the ball well, it feels great!

    The idea with this trainer is that it is so flexible, long and heavy at the end that you must swing hard, in a way that accelerates through the ball, and on plane or all kinds of bad things happen. I certainly can feel more clearly when I am in good balance as I swing, too.

    Another benefit is that the regular club feels small, light, and powerful after I get this thing under control.

    One thing I noticed, as well, is that if I start with just the normal back swing the Gold Flex tends to flex on the take away, but if I press forward first and then swing back, the take away feels more complete and smooth and natural. But that may just be me. But swinging through as hard as I can manage five or six times takes some strength so I imagine it is not only training my muscle sense but actually building some strength in the all the turning muscles from my feel up. After a half dozen or so swings, I switch to a regular club, say, a six iron, and it feels GREAT. Then I go back to the Gold Flex for several more swings and then back to the regular club.

    I also believe that the key here is to do this a bit every day rather than over doing it once a week. The idea is to train and build through repetition and feel and memory rather than exhaustion. Right?
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  6. Stephen A Smith

    The gold flex got my timing back on track…

    OMG… I started playing golf when I was 8yrs old. I played on my junior high and high school golf teams. I even won several junior golf tournaments. Shortly after I was in a terrible head on collision car accident with a drunk driver. I broke 8 bones, sustained paralysis and was in a coma for 6 weeks. Needless to say I my golf game was none existentent for several years. My passion for the game never left me, however my body, balance and timing never returned until I gold flex. After swinging the gold flex only a few times I finally got my swing back on track. For me I cannot thank you enough. Now I swing it just a few times a day to keep my swing and timing on point.

  7. Larry

    Viable for any level of golfer.

    Excellent! I bought this to keep a fluid swing tempo in the off season here in Washington. When I am unable to hit the range, this is perfect to swing while watching some TV to keep loose and keep that good head lag swing tempo. I love it.
    Handed this to my partner at my office who is a high handicapper with not a good swing and set up. Literally in less than a dozen swings he was beginning to release his hips and started down the path of an actual golf swing. I would recommend this to any level of golfer. It was a trip to actually see this changing really bad swing habits. Into swing habits a person could actually work with.

  8. Chris

    Fixed My Swing in 5 Minutes

    I can score in the low 80s to the high 90s depending on how things are going.
    My biggest problems are tempo and a tendency to devolve into a reverse pivot (weight shifting backward at impact)
    I can know these are my problems, video record the problems, and listen to my instructor tell me not to repeat them, but I could still go weeks unable to change.
    5 minutes with the Sklz Swing Trainer at the driving range totally set me right. It gives you the body feedback of a proper swing. The flex/lag in the shaft naturally rectifies your tempo, and focusing on weight shift (rather than hitting a ball) for a few swings ingrains that feeling in your body as well.
    Best $60 I’ve ever spent on golf.
    I bought the shorter one and it worked for fixing my driver as well as my irons
    If tempo/rhythm or weight shift are Among your problems, get one of these.

  9. KEAJ

    Feel the difference.

    This tool has been very beneficial to me in regaining yardage with my driver. It helps with timing and not over-swinging. It provides a muscle memory that is hard to achieve when my mechanics were off. I have been making better contact more consistently. You feel when you do it right and problem with your swing feels wrong in a way that is intuitively easy to fix. Love it and use it before every round and many longer holes.

  10. Darb

    Instant results for beginners and experienced golfers

    Bought the 48″ size (M, 6′) to increase my head speed (100 mph) and squeeze extra yards out of my drive since I’ve been stuck on the ~250 yard plateau.

    Unboxed this today, used it to warm prior to my rounds and as a loosening/tempo tool with 5-7 full, consistent swings before drives. I couldn’t recommend it enough as it provides instant feedback for even-plane swings, improved lag, increased head speed, even tempo, and swing consistancy resulting in an instant jump in fairways hit. After my rounds wanted to really see what this product can do by swinging for the fences cardio-style with the Gold Flex then moving on to the driver. The results speak for themselves: an extra 5 mph of club head speed (100 to 105mph), an extra 20 yards of carry (235 to 255 yards), and consistent ball striking producing that magical 5 yard draw straight down the middle ball flight.

    My results may be atypical since I golf a lot, but I’m excited for day 2 and beyond with this product.

  11. Douglas Henderson

    Excellent Product

    This is an excellent golf-training aid. Though it is less expensive than a similar product, it doesn’t sacrifice anything. It’s winter time in New York, and since it was in the mid-40’s today, I chose to go to the driving range. When I started, I was the only one there. (By the time I was finished, one other golfer was there.) I warmed up by stretching and taking ten swings with the SKLZ Golf Flex Trainer. To my pleasant surprise, I hit the ball as if I were in mid-season form. I could not have been more pleased. It helps loosen the body up, as well as helping with your tempo. It’s a permanent fixture in my golf bag. Excellent product.

  12. Duckman

    Gold Flex is a Difference Maker.

    The Gold Flex training is an excellent training aid. I bought it early in the year before golf season and swung it 50-100x a day and use it before every round at the range. This year my distances improved and I lowered my index from upper to lower teens. I did do other things to improve, like drills to flatten my wrist through impact, but I think frequent use strengthened my core golf muscles, widened my swing and helped my tempo. I also noticed a lot of these aids showing up at our club. I chose the 40” over longer versions because I thought I would swing more in control but also because I use it at home and I like my furniture. I got one for my bag, one for my home and one for my wife, who is a club champion. She insisted it improved my game. Regardless of whether you believe it will improve your swing, it is great just for warming up.

  13. Kenneth Blum

    A Magnificent Device for Timing, Tempo, Warmup

    I’ve played golf for 55 years and carry an eight handicap. Drive about 240-250 yards. I’ve used dozens of training aids, and this could be the best one ever, well deserving as the #1 selling swing trainer on Amazon. Not complicated – just the swing it back and forth; it’s a strength and tempo tool, not for swing mechanics. As a warmup, nothing does the job as fast – maybe about ten swings; and it helps considerably with what’s probably the most important move in the golf swing – the transition at the top of the swing. Maybe the key word is “fluidity” best describe its key benefit. Combining fluidity with enhanced swing speed and balance via this device, I’m re-experiencing that wonderful feeling of “flushing” the ball every now and then. I may be a little too nutso about this trainer, but I received the 40″ model and have been so impressed that I just ordered the 48″ version also. A tip – put it in your bag and take five swings every three or four holes for muscle memory.It’s supposed to be bag-legal but I think you need to count it as one of your 14 permitted clubs.

  14. Dave J. S.

    I liked it so much I got a second one for the office.

    I was introduced to this by a guy I got paired with at my local course, and his partner had an orange one. While we were waiting to play, they were telling me about them and I swung them both for a few minutes. I could not feel any difference between the two, and I loved the general idea as a warm up, plus a training aid. I got online and this one was less expensive than the orange one so that was a no-brainer.

    I like it so much I bought a second one that I keep at my office and sometimes I take a break and just go out and swing it. Excellent for swing training, flexibility, and developing tempo.

  15. Yankees

    Does EVERYTHING as advertised

    I do have one regret. I bought the 48″. I’m 6’0, and this felt too long when it first came. At this length, its only for driver. But the greatest upside to this product to ME and MY body is my forearms and biceps became RIPPED after using this a work-out tool. My forearms just grew new muscles and my arms look awesome!

    As a beginner, it has really helped me developed in 3 key areas:
    – Strength (down-swing swing speed mph)
    – Creating lag
    – Build/Fortify all muscles, mostly arms and lower back.

    This will not CURE any of these problems. But it will help. Creating lag on a driver doesn’t make sense, so I am tempted to buy the shorter version so I can create lag on my irons, which I struggle with.

    If nothing else, I would buy this to get massive forearms and biceps. More power = more club head speed = more distance. The one bad thing is I feel like now I HAVE to buy the shorter version to match the swing of my irons, because it is excellent at creating lag.

    Also helps develop hand muscles as you increase your strength when you use this tool if you’re using this to increase your swing speed. Also, great lower back muscle creater.

  16. Jake Galvan

    Very Impressive Product

    So let me start by saying I was torn between this product and the Orange Whip. I agonized over which one to go with. (I really didn’t want to purchase both of them.) I came away very happy with choosing the Strength Grip Tempo & Flexibility Trainer.

    I am a 5 handicap and am writing this review from my perspective.

    I have previously sampled the Orange Whip in a local golf store. The counterbalance weight at the end of the whip was an interesting feature. After playing around with it I determined it was more of a tempo device then anything else. Sure it will help you somewhat with your swing plane, all of the tempo trainers will.

    I ordered the 40 inch model with a focus towards tightening up those couple of loose iron shots that occur during my rounds. By holding it out at a slight angle, I can simulate swinging with a longer club or swing it normally for iron shots.

    The first thing I noticed was the quality of construction. This is a well crafted item that isn’t going to just fall apart on you. The ball at the end of the trainer is big enough to not get stuck in your golf bag if you want to take it to the course with you.

    Swinging this trainer is great for ingraining proper feel of tempo, swing path, and understanding where the clubhead is during the swing. It’s also great for working on things like rotating your arms through impact. It’s easy to take smooth swings and feel your body react to it. The weight allow for you to naturally progress with your body moving in the correct sequence on the backswing and downswing.

    After working on sections of my swing, I switched to an iron and tested it out…very satisfying. Using this product daily will help you to groove a swing that is desireable, and more importantly, repeatable.

    For the price of this product it can’t be beat. Take it for what it’s worth.

    For those that have trouble trying to figure out how to use this product, it’s very simple…

    1. Start at your normal address position.
    2. Waggle the club slightly forward using your hands, arms, and shoulders.
    3. Move the club into your backswing.
    4. Slight pause at the top to let the ball fully catch up to you.
    5. Smoothly swing and feel your weight transfer to your front side as you complete your downswing into a full finish.
    6. Rinse and repeat.

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