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Choosing The Right Grip Size

If you’ve ever wondered how to choose the right grip for your golf club, then you’ve come to the right place. Improperly fitted grips can lead to incorrect alignment of the wrist and shoulders during the address, a misalignment of the wrists upon impact, an improper release at the end of your swing, and a decrease in the hand control, which will negatively affect distance and accuracy.

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Finding properly fitting grips is one key factor in improving all aspects of your game, so it’s important to know exactly what size, material, and shape are best suited for each individual golfer. In this blog, we’ll explore what signs point towards needing new grips and identify strategies that allow anyone at any level to properly fit their own golf clubs.

Detail About Golf Grip – Size, Material & Shape


The size of your grip is crucial. It should feel comfortable in your hand and provide a secure grip without any slippage. You can determine the right grip size for you by measuring your hand.

  • Measure your hand: Measure the length of your hand from the wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Then measure the distance across the widest part of your hand. These measurements will help you determine which grip size will best suit your hand.
  • Use a grip sizing chart: Most golf club grips manufacturers provide sizing charts that can help you match your hand measurements to the appropriate grip size. These charts typically list grip sizes ranging from undersize to jumbo.
  • Consider grip thickness: Golf grips also vary in thickness. If you have larger hands but prefer a smaller grip, you can compensate by choosing a thicker grip. Similarly, if you have smaller hands but prefer a larger grip, you can choose a thinner grip to compensate.
  • Try different sizes: If you’re unsure which size to choose, try out different sizes by holding clubs with different grip sizes. This can help you get a sense of what feels most comfortable and secure in your hands.
  • Seek professional advice: You can also seek advice from a golf professional or club fitter, who can help you determine the best grip size based on your hand measurements and swing characteristics.


  • Pure rubber grips offer a soft and comfortable feel, absorbing more vibration during the swing. This can help reduce hand fatigue and provide a relaxed grip for the golfer.
  • Cotton thread grips provide good traction and are effective at absorbing moisture. They are a popular choice for golfers who sweat or play in wet conditions, as they can help prevent slipping or twisting during the swing.

Golf Grip Size Material & Shape


Round grip: Golf is a game of precision and skill, and having the right equipment can make all the difference. That’s where the round grip comes in. This type of golf grip has a uniform circumference and provides maximum contact between your hands and the club, allowing for greater control and accuracy in your swing.

Unlike other grip shapes, the round grip offers a consistent feel throughout your swing, making it ideal for players who want a dependable grip that won’t shift around in their hands. With a round grip, you can focus on your technique and let the grip do the rest, helping you achieve your best game yet.

Pronged Grip: Pronged grips have a raised rib or ridge that runs along the bottom of the grip. This provides extra texture and helps the golfer maintain consistent grip pressure throughout the swing. Pronged grips are suitable for golfers who tend to grip too tightly or struggle with their hand position.

Pistol grip: Pistol grips have a more angular shape and feature a flared end, similar to the shape of a pistol grip. They are suitable for golfers who prefer a more secure grip and those who tend to use a more wrist-oriented swing.


By investing in the right golf grip, you can make sure your golf game steps up to the next level. You’ll need to check the size, material, and shape of the grip before purchasing it. It’s essential to determine what works best for you before purchasing a grip that could end up being too small, slippery, or simply uncomfortable.

There are many aspects to consider, and as a result, it will offer golfers a sense of regularity and consistency on each shot. Take the extra time when choosing your new grip, because, after all, it plays an integral part in your overall success with every shot. Don’t overlook this part of your golf game any longer- choose the right grip and watch your scores improve!