Best Golf GPS Apps That Are Free 2021

Have you ever been on a golf course and wondered, “Which club should I use to hit an approach to the green?”

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The worst thing is being between the distance markers and hitting the ball too far past the green.

There is no such thing as an affordable rangefinder, but not everyone has one because it is too pricey. There is, however, a solution. You may enjoy some of the finest free golf gps applications!

These applications are now incorporated into your smartphone thanks to modern technology. This article will provide you with some golf-related suggestions for free.

The Golf Shot Brush is a brush that may help you practice your swing on the green if it does not have grass or other natural elements to hit at.

You would be able to see satellite images of each hole, allowing you to identify hazards and doglegs along the route. Furthermore, determining the length of the green’s rear, middle, and front. Some of these applications include features for evaluating and analyzing statistics.

Best Golf GPS Apps in 2021

Hole 19

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The best free golf gps software is Hole 19. It’s available on both iOS and Android. In addition, the program may be downloaded to your smartwatch, which is excellent. The best feature of this app is the fantastic user-interface and beautiful design.

The final hole on the No. 19 golf course is 18th fairway -> The app has over 42,000 courses integrated worldwide in Hole 19.

On the app, you can see your distances on the course from anywhere by viewing a bird’s eye satellite image of it. A technique for finding trouble spots on the course quickly. Whether it’s the front, middle, or back of the green, or distances to hazards, doglegs, or anything else that may be hiding the course.

Hole 19’s scorecard feature allows golfers to track their scores and those of their traveling companions. At the conclusion of the round, you may view match details including your opponent’s profile and statistics.

➽ Hit ratio of fairways

➽ Stylistic note

➽ Penalties

It’s free and enjoyable to use, so give it a try if you’re playing on the course!


Golfshot is without a doubt one of the most useful golf apps available. Whether you’re a casual or serious golfer, it’s easy to see why Golfshot is so popular.

The Golfshot app is compatible with Android and Apple devices, as well as Apple Watches and Android Wear. It comes with both free and premium options.

The paid version, which costs $9.99, offers a lot more features than the free one. It has GPS functionality and allows you to record each shot you hit on the course as well as which club you used after inputting it.

These are excellent information to build on. The app also allows you to keep track of the par, view scores up to 4 players, review statistics, and get current golf information.

Golfshot Pro is a paid app that lets you use more features. Pro members get real-time distances to the green’s center, back edge, front, and hazardous areas on over 40,000 courses in real time.

Furthermore, the app serves as a caddie, providing you with club recommendations based on your lie. The Hole is also included in the Pro version, which offers a bird’s-eye view of the course and the ability to change your perspective for a full 3D image of each hole.


Because every one of the other common golf gps applications focuses on getting you onto the green, GolfLogix goes above and above.

The Putt Breaks feature is what distinguishes this app. The Golfshot app now includes a new capability that lets golfers view the course in 3D, topographical, and in-depth detail. It’s like watching it on the Golf Channel during a PGA tournament.

GolfLogix has more than 8,000 golf courses and is available on the Apple and Google Play stores. The Putt Breaks function allows you to drag the box to wherever you’d want to hit your ball on the green by clicking and dragging it on the smartphone screen.

The app will then present a detailed depiction of the green and a precise map of it. GolfLogix created this course. It’s designed by GolfLogix and uses laser scans to create the holes. Arrows that indicate the position and directions of all the contours of the green may be found in the zoom-able 3D map.

The Putt Breaks function is available as a free sample and may assist you in enhancing your short game considerably.

Mobitee Golf

There are over 37,000 golf courses in the Mobitee database, which has been meticulously researched and mapped. The course mapping is fantastic, and it’s very thorough. It almost rivals the more expensive GolfLogix.

The Mobitee’s distinctive feature is the PIQ sensor. It’s available as a separate purchase on the app.

You can use the PIQ sensor to track real-time shot distance. It also provides an analysis of your swing based on the shots you take.

This app is popular among golfers because they claim that it is one of the most user-friendly designs.

If you pay a small fee up front and enable Mobitee’s features, you’ll never have to worry about having the wrong yardage again!


golf gps rangefinder free

The SwingU golf GPS software is available on both Apple and Android smartphones. With the Apple Watch, it has an easy-to-use interface that makes checking yardages or entering your score right on your wrist instead of your phone even easier!

Even on the free edition, the GPS function is fantastic. Some golfers even said that the free edition’s accuracy was superior to their rangefinders.

There are over 34,000 SwingU courses to choose from, and you may even have them add a course that isn’t on the database. All of the courses will be accessible to you, regardless of whether you are using a free or premium version.

The free version even displays how far the hole is and the front and rear of the greens.

Not only is SwingU a well-known brand, but it’s also one of the most popular and affordable online game sites. The premium version is available, which makes it an excellent value.

For just $4 per month, it has more features like wind speed, elevation, and the capacity to record more of your statistics such as the amount of painful 3 putts you made during your most recent round!

18 Birdies

Birdies is a useful free golf GPS software that everyone should check out. The Auto Golf Course Navigational System (AGSN) is an automated course map that has yardages to the front, back, and middle of the green.

It’s a nicely designed program with an easy-to-use interface that is free of clutter. Furthermore, the app enables you to quickly input your scores while you play a round.

18 Birdies is a great all-around golf GPS program that can also be used to arrange live tournaments. This is a very useful tool, but you may also accomplish the same on Deemples. There are no premium upgrades available, so you won’t be sold anything, which is fantastic for golfers.

GolfPad GPS

best free golf gps app

GolfPad GPS is a nice golf app to have. This free app has a PGA-level scorecard for up to four golfers. It’s ideal for a single flight.

It records strokes, putts, penalties, sand, and fairways as long as the software is installed. You can additionally take notes while you play, and these notes may be reviewed after the rounds are completed.

The enhanced + Hot Shot+ Golf GPS function enables you to measure distances from the green, bunkers, or any hazards on the course’s perimeter.

There’s also a premium feature that allows you to check your distance and score using your Apple Watch, Android Wear, Samsung Gear or Samsung Galaxy. It’s also available for Android and has a premium version that works with all major watch models.

Summary For The Best Golf GPS Apps

Golf GPS is a revolutionary method for golfers to improve their game on the course. It’s like having your own personal caddie that isn’t going to find your ball for you.

That’s all this caddie does: tell you how far and what clubs to use.. Take the time to try each of them out and see which program you like best in the long run.

There are many different applications available for Apple and Android devices that will assist you with your golf game. All of them are excellent, although they may all perform the same function, so pick the finest golf gps apps!